The Puppy-like Cat

Ragdoll Cat

  • Breed


  • Origin

    United States

  • Colour

    Chocolate, Red, Seal, Blue, Lilac and Cream

  • Life Span

    12-15 years

  • Weight

    10-12 pounds

About Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a peaceful and affectionate breed distinguished by its beautiful blue eyes, semi-long fur, and laid-back demeanor. In comparison to other cat breeds, the breed ’s history is very recent, dating back to the 1960s. The Ragdoll cat has a long history:

Ann Baker: The Ragdoll breed was created in the 1960s by a woman named Ann Baker in Riverside, California. The genesis story of the breed is a combination of reality and folklore. Ann Baker had a white Persian/Angora-type cat named Josephine, whom she bred with multiple unknown male cats. Josephine ’s kittens were claimed to have distinctive characteristics such as peaceful temperaments, piercing blue eyes, and semi-long fur.
The moniker “Ragdoll ”: The breed got its moniker, “Ragdoll,”from its tendency to fall limp and relaxed when lifted up, similar to a child ’s ragdoll toy. Ann Baker ’s cats exhibited this tendency as one of their distinguishing features.
Early Breeding Program: Ann Baker created her own breeding program with these cats, focused on the establishment of a new breed with specified characteristics. She kept meticulous records and exercised strict control over her cats ’reproduction.
Controversy and Separation: In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ann Baker and some of her breeders fell out, resulting in conflicts and a split among Ragdoll breeders. Some breeders continued to work with Ann Baker, while others started their own breeding programs, resulting in breed differences.
Breed Recognition: Breeders fought hard in the 1970s to make the Ragdoll a recognized breed. Several cat groups, notably The International Cat Association (TICA) and The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), recognized the breed ’s growth.
Breed Standards: Ragdolls were legally recognized as a breed, and breed standards detailing their coat colors, patterns, and traits were established. Ragdolls are distinguished by their pointed coloring, enormous stature, and piercing blue eyes.
Popularity and Expansion: Because of their amiable and gentle disposition, Ragdolls quickly acquired popularity as companion cats. The breed ’s popularity has resulted in its recognition and adoption by several cat groups throughout the world.Ragdoll cats are noted for being friendly and docile. They are sometimes described as “puppy-like ”since they enjoy following their owners about, being carried up and caressed, and are typically sociable and easygoing. Their striking looks, loving temperament, and unusual history have made them a popular and sought-after breed among cat fans.


Ragdoll: Ragdoll cats are renowned for being friendly and kind. Ragdoll cats typically live from 12 to 17 years on average, depending on the breed. However, some Ragdoll cats have been known to live even longer with the right care and a healthy lifestyle. Provide your Ragdoll cat with high-quality balanced nutrition, frequent exercise, mental stimulation, regular veterinarian treatment, including vaccinations and preventive measures, and a secure indoor environment to help them live longer and healthier lives. Although ragdolls are notorious for needing little in the way of grooming, frequent brushing helps keep their plush coats in good shape and reduce shedding. Your Ragdoll cat can lead a long and happy life by having their requirements met and having their general wellbeing maintained.

Ragdoll cats color and patterns

Coat Colors:

Seal: Dark brown points (ears, face, paws, and tail) with a lighter body color ranging from ivory to pale beige.

Blue: Grayish-blue points with a lighter bluish-white body.

Chocolate: Warm chocolate-brown points with a lighter body color.

Lilac: Lighter gray points with a frosty white body.

Red: Rusty red points with a cream body.

Cream: Pale cream points with a cream body.


Colorpoint: Darker points on the ears, face, paws, and tail, with a lighter body color.

Mitted: Like colorpoint, but with white mittens on the front paws and boots on the back legs.

Bicolor: Darker points on ears, tail, and some on the body, but with a greater amount of white, often creating a V-shaped blaze on the face.

Lynx (Tabby) Patterns: Stripes, spots, or swirls in the darker points.

Mink and Sepia Ragdolls: There are also variations known as Mink and Sepia Ragdolls, which involve different levels of color saturation and intensity in the coat. Remember that Ragdoll cats ’colors and patterns might vary somewhat from one another. Reputable breeders may give you more details about the colors and patterns that are available in their breeding program. Working with breeders who put their cats ’health and welfare first is advised when thinking about getting a Ragdoll cat.

Physical Features of a Ragdoll Cat

A distinctive and well-liked breed of cat, the ragdoll is recognized for its size, piercing blue eyes, and loving disposition.

A Ragdoll cat typically has the following physical characteristics:

Size: Ragdoll cats are big cats, and normally, males are bigger than females. Male adults often weigh between 10 and 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kg), while female adults typically weigh between 15 and 20 pounds (or more).

Coat: Ragdolls have a smooth, semi-long coat that resists matting. To avoid tangles, the soft to the touch fur needs to be groomed frequently. Their coat is available in a range of hues and designs, such as colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor. The darker color of the ears, face, paws, and tail contrasts with the lighter body color to create the colorpoint pattern. White mittens are frequently seen on the back paws of animals with the mitted pattern. Larger white regions can be seen throughout the bicolor pattern, which frequently has a V-shaped blaze on the face.

Coloration: Ragdolls are available in a variety of colors, such as seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, and more. The previously mentioned patterns can be mixed with these colors to provide a variety of appearances.

Body Structure: Ragdolls have a strong, muscular frame, which contributes to their huge stature. Their bodies are well-proportioned, semi-long, and tend to be a little bit heavier in the back. Ragdolls are renowned for being kind and laid-back despite their size.

skull: Ragdoll cats have flat faces and a large, rounded skull. They have broad cheeks and a little break in their nose, giving them a cute and amiable face.

Eyes: The gorgeous blue eyes of Ragdoll cats are one of its most distinguishing characteristics. Large and oval-shaped, the eyes can be any shade of blue, from a vivid ice blue to a richer sapphire blue.

Ears: Ragdolls have medium-sized, somewhat rounded ears that are at the tips. On the head, the ears are spaced fairly far apart.

Tail: Their long, bushy tails taper to a point that is somewhat rounded. The tail ’s plumed fur matches the rest of the coat and is plumed.

Paw Pads and Nose: Ragdoll cats ’paw pads come in a variety of colors, frequently matching the hue of their coats. They could be darker, pinker, or speckled. Generally speaking, their noses match the color of their coat and are frequently highlighted in a darker tint.

Temperament: Although not a physical characteristic, Ragdolls are renowned for their kind and loving personalities. They want to be held and cuddled and have a tendency to be laid back. Due to their propensity to play fetch and follow their owners around, these cats are frequently referred to as “dog-like ”cats.

Weight: Ragdoll male cats weigh between 12 to 20 pounds (5.4 to 9.1 kilograms) &Ragdoll cats usually weigh between 8 to 15 pounds (3.6 to 6.8 kilograms)

Length: Ragdoll male body length from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail is around 17 to 21 inches (43 to 53 centimeters) &Ragdoll female body length is around 15 to 19 inches (38 to 48 centimeters).

Height: Despite being soft and having larger bodies than most cats, ragdolls don ’t have a normal shoulder height. Instead, the length and weight of their entire bodies are frequently included when discussing their size.

In general, Ragdoll cats are adored for their marriage of outstanding physical traits and devoted natures.

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